Important Announcement on BCTR Token

  1. Token Sale end date has reduced from 10th to 4th Oct 2020–6 PM UTC time.
    2. 5th Oct 2020 we will list on Bitcratic and Uniswap
    3. But we can end Token Sale anytime/anyday on short notice of 10 mins. If you send fund after that. Funds will be refunded. So please check before sending funds.
    4. Unsold Token + 50% of our reserve token (1500 BCTR) will be locked in a wallet. For minimum of 6 months and will not count on Total Supply. After 6 months, we can do another token sale for selling remaining tokens at near current price.
    5. 1500 BCTR + 6000 USDT( in ETH) will be locked in uniswap
    6. If you own 1% token and and if we just managed to sell 50%.BCTR Total supply of Token will be counted 14000 instead of 28000 , your revenue share will become 2%
    7. We will allocate collected funds for Liquidity, Marketing, Trading competition etc in exact proportionate
    8. We will distribute revenue on every 5th to 7th of every month.

Bitcratic is a Decentralized Ethereum Exchange for ERC20 Tokens. Trade any ERC20 Tokens.

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