Bitcratic Traders Reward

We have comeup with Reward for traders trading on Bitcratic.

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We have allocated 20% of Total Supply of BCT Tokens (16 Millions BCT) to peoples who trade on Bitcratic, We will give good number of BCT Tokens to you. Number of Tokens will depend upon the number of Transactions you do in a month on Bitcratic.

Campaign Date and time — Every month from 1st to 30th or 31th

• 0 to5 Transactions — 100 BCT
6 to10 Transactions — 400 BCT
• 11 to 25 Transactions — 1000 BCT
• 26 to 50 Transactions — 2500 BCT
• 51 to 75 Transactions — 4000 BCT
• 76 to 100 Transactions — 6000 BCT
• 101 and above Transactions — 10000 BCT

(Transaction includes — Deposit Withdrawal and Trade)
Reward will be distributed on 5th of every month

Tokens will be distributed to participated ERC20 wallet address, so you don’t need to submit any information to participate in program, just start trading, we will distribute token to your ERC20 address.

Exchange Link (Trade any token listed on Bitcratic)

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