Bitcratic is 1.5 year old Decentralized Exchange All transactions are done through Smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain, Bitcratic use off-chain orderbook with on-chain settlement. More than 200 Tokens are traded here.

BCTR Token is Listed on Bitcratic and Uniswap


Uniswap :

Bitcratic :!/trade/BCTR-ETH

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To gain Traders and Trading activities we launched BCTR Token, Primary Objective of BCTR token is to raise quick funds for Providing Liquidity and to perform Marketing activities for USDT-ETH Pair and BCTR-ETH Trading pair.

BCTR Token is representing a Revenue Share of 50% of all Fees Collected by Bitcratic in following trading pair through Trading fees.


Each month revenue will be distributed in USDT to BCTR Holders.

Let us Estimate how much per month you will get for Holding BCTR Token If a holder is holding 1% BCTR say 280 BCTR Token, he/she will get 1% share of fees collected though USDT-ETH and BCTR-ETH Trading pair. cost of 280 BCTR in pre sales would be 1120 USDT.

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Popular Decentralized exchange get volume of over 100 million dollar just from USDT-ETH Trading pair. So we can hope atleast few million dollar when we provide good liquidity and spend money on Marketing Activities.

Token Name : Bitcratic Revenue
Token Symbol : BCTR
Total Supply : 28,000
Token Contract : View Token Contract

We are looking to raise 100K USDT from BCTR Token sale; funds will spend on providing Liquidity and Marketing Activities.

40K USDT will be used to provide Liquidity on USDT-ETH pair.
10K USDT will be used to provide Liquidity on BCTR-ETH.
20K USDT will be used for Marketing, Youtube Videos, and Articles.
10K USDT will be used for trading competition.
20K USDT will be reserved for future plans.

Presales Price — Closed
25000 BCTR to be sold. 3000 BCTR will be reserved for reward activities.
Min Purchase 50 USDT and Max 8000 USDT

Please send USDT or ETH to this Address : 0xc6f4Ed55921E0B73c5b3A916F005d80216cF17da
You will receive BCTR token to same address within 24hr.

Any Queries Join us —

Presales Time and Price
Ending on 4th Oct — UTC
5th Oct 2020 we will list on Bitcratic and Uniswap
Over 45% Token Sold

Note — Please do not send ETH from Centralized Exchange wallets.
BCTR Token represent revenue sharing on USDT-ETH and BCTR-ETH Trading pair
Where as BCT Token represent revenue sharing on all trading pair

BCT is already trading on!/trade/BCT-ETH

Bitcratic is a Decentralized Ethereum Exchange for ERC20 Tokens. Trade any ERC20 Tokens.

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