It seems that this is a major issue with the Ampleforth. It is not compatible with DEXs smart contracts be it Bitcratic or Etherdelta.
To put things simply, DON’T STORE your AMPL or any other similar Tokens in any DEX Smart Contract
The rebasing happens on the contract level but the effect is not reflected in the Contract Balances
Please remove your AMPL tokens from any DEX Smart Contract immediately :

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30th Aug 2020

Hello friends,
I am sure you are aware about AMPL rebase issue. if not here are the details.
AMPL is a token which do rebase in every 24 hr time. mean their total supply change ( positive or negative) after every 24 hrs.
But there is serious compatibility issue in AMPL Token to current Decentralized Exchanges like Etherdelta, Bitcratic, Idex, and other exchange which use deposit function.
Let say 10 people deposited 1000 AMPL each to DEX Smart contract.. Balance of smart contract will be 10K AMPL. Now if 4% negative rebase happen 400 AMPL is reduced directly from DEX Smart contract, but user see full token and can withdraw all token he deposited.
Everyday it keep reducing balance from DEX smart contract. Which results in mismatch of AMPL what user sees and what actually smart contract have
so after we identified the issue on 27th Aug, we made announcement to withdraw AMPL from smart contract. most of the peoples successfully withdraw AMPL and no rebase happen to them ( technically rebase happened, but to dex smart contract, not user)
But some user who came last to withdraw see error message, because Smart contract does not have enough fund to process withdraw.
You can check all INS and out of AMPL to Bitcratic Smart contract
Therefore we would like to request everyone who have taken benefit from this technical issue. please deposit some AMPL to bitcratic smart contract, so that others who are not able to withdraw AMPL because of insufficient balance of smart contract. can withdraw.

Bitcratic is a Decentralized Ethereum Exchange for ERC20 Tokens. Trade any ERC20 Tokens.

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